30 DSLR Photos from the Old Days – 01

30 DSLR Photos from the Old Days – 01

I found an old SD Card tucked away in a camera bag.

Accessing the photos on the SD card was like opening a time capsule. It contained photos of our move from Manila to Singapore back in 2012. I get sentimental when I remember how it all began. The little red dot felt so big back then. So many places to explore. So much free time while waiting for a job interview. So little cash! Mixed veggie rice for lunch. Old Chang Kee fried chicken for dinner. I could go on and on… 😛

It’s rather humbling. In 2012, life was much more simple. I was walking around town with dreams in my pocket.

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#tbt in Ifugao (2009)

#tbt in Ifugao (2009)

Five years ago I was 24 and enjoying a work assignment (raket) in Ifugao with my college buddies. I miss the rice terraces and the little life lessons learnt while traveling with the group I was in. What life lessons are these? Enjoy what you have. Appreciate history and tradition. “There’s no point in living, if you can’t feel alive.” (okay that came from a James Bond movie, but it was a life lesson in Impact size 36 BOLD as we rode on roof of a jeepney running 50 kph down winding mountain roads). All is good. I miss you guys, y’all know who you are.


Throwback Thursday: SG in 2005

Throwback Thursday: SG in 2005

Let’s speed up the Throwback Thursday rule. Originally, all photos have to be revived from 10 years back. Let’s make it 3 years back na lang... kasi I’m getting sawa na sa college photos.

In this edition: My first visit to Singapore!

In 2005, Singapore was just a destination for me and my family. I took time off from summer college classes to visit the Lion City and experience it. Eventually it became more than just a holiday destination. I fell in love with Singapore.

Here are some random snaps taken from that trip.

tbt01 tbt02 tbt03 tbt04 tbt05 tbt06


If it were not for this family vacation to Singapore, I probably wouldn’t be working here today.

It’s nice to see how Singapore looked like almost nine years ago. 🙂

Throwback Thursday: Tahong Adventures in 2004

Throwback Thursday: Tahong Adventures in 2004

To qualify for #ThrowbackThursday, photos or videos must be taken 10 or more years ago.

I was not able to post last week so I made this week’s set a bit more… well… you see for yourself.

2004. As a student in Cavite, I wanted to expose myself to stories that happened outside the verdant green campus of St. La Salle. My editor assigned me to go on an immersion at the coastal areas of Bacoor, Cavite. The area was going to be affected by the construction of the Cavitex (completed five years later in 2009).

The objective of the immersion was to get insights from the people who lived and worked along that coast. How an unstoppable urban development such as a highway slicing through the waters they tread daily… would affect them (if at all).

My editor had managed to turn our publication’s magazine into a beacon of community activism (in the previous year it had contained reviews of Avril Lavigne’s latest CD). I was apprehensive to write as if the only audience would be the College Editors Guild of the Philippines… but heck, this was an immersion and there were stories that needed to be told.

We spent the night sleeping at a house near the coast. The only meal I had before that was a burger from Tropical Hut. The area was filled with a mix of informal settlers and half-finished houses. Telenobelas and karaoke pierced the silence. All of this was just a 20 minute ride away from the international airport.

I saw what could be one of the origins of the tahong (mussels) I loved to pair with my virginal San Mig Light… it came from here… from the waters of Manila Bay. My best friend T, who was with me on this immersion and also a writer of the paper, signalled to me to skip the tahong. Because by golly it came from MANILA BAY. The once gorgeous but now polluted waters of Manila Bay (the sunsets are still gorgeous though).

So much for an immersion. Skipping the Manila Bay tahong, I had canned sardines instead. But I listened to Manong’s stories. About how their way of life will change. The Cavitex will block their way to the sea. At the time, I was thinking along the lines of what the greater public would get with the opening of Cavitex. It would reduce travel time from my hometown to Manila from an hour and a half to just under thirty minutes. It would decongest traffic along Aguinaldo Highway.





The design of the Cavitex has these bridges which allow access for fishermen to go out to sea. It did not block their access. Though I don’t know any issues today like right-of-way or something that is bound to crop up.

Travel from Tanza to the international airport now takes about 30 minutes without the traffic along MIA Road. When the NAIA Expressway connects to Coastal Road / Cavitex in the next few years, getting to the airport will be a breeze. No longer a two or three hour traffic route through Paranaque, Las Pinas, Bacoor… etc.

Throwback Thursday: With mom :)

Throwback Thursday: With mom :)

I’m flying to Manila later so I can celebrate my parents’ joint birthday bash in Cavite. I thought of digging up an old photo with my mom taken about ten or eleven years ago.

Photo taken at Chefoo restaurant in Cavite City

I actually got a little teary-eyed looking at it. Ambilis ng panahon! Before I was so thin and my mom obviously had less wrinkles. I know friends joke that she doesn’t look like her age… my mom looks so young they say. I hope I age with the same grace and beauty hehe!

Here’s a photo taken with my parents just a few weeks ago when they visited me in Singapore.

Photo taken at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

I’m excited to hop on board PAL again… kasama ang mga chatty FAs… grabe last time, they were a bubbly bunch. And when Neil rode PAL a few months ago, may nag-aapir pa daw sa galley haha.

Throwback Thursday: Baguio with my classmates in 2004

Throwback Thursday: Baguio with my classmates in 2004

To qualify for #ThrowbackThursday, photos or videos must be taken 10 or more years ago.

Before Baguio became a place my boyfriend and I frequented to escape work… it was a big destination for me. We didn’t travel much in college, so trips like these outside Cavite were fun-filled to say the least. It was a time that Baguio felt so large, much colder… the fog more mysterious… these days kasi, Baguio is like Manila (or so I hear).

We stayed at a resthouse at the outskirts of the city. This added to the adventure because the resthouse was a bit dated (which may add to its charm, if you’d look at it that way). We huddled together in the middle of the night when my classmate started to sense something unusual. The following morning Upper would cook hot dogs, we’d make rice… take turns in the frigid shower…

These days kung saan-saan na kami nakakarating… Upper just got back from her European trip. My friend Eric (the only other guy in the photos below) is visiting Singapore soon. Katz, one of the girls in the photos, migrated to Australia if I’m not mistaken. Apple, the other girl, has been working in Italy for several years. (Class Prophecy lang?)…

But in 2004 it was just a simple trip to Baguio which filled our little hearts with glee.

CD player! Moonflower scent from Body Shop!
The electric stove that was grounded.
View of Baguio. Victory Liner bus stop.