Throwback Thursday: 2nd Year College Reco

I’m starting a throwback thursday series on ohGeorgyy. My challenge is that for a photo or video to qualify, the content must have been taken more than 10 years back. Knowing myself… kung ano-ano kinukuhanan kong picture. My friends were patient with me. I argued with one of them when he wasted my film pa nga! Haha!

To kick off the first #ThrowbackThursday on ohGeorgyy… we travel back to 2003 when I was a college sophomore.


I studied at a (medyo, somewhat) religious university so that meant having recollections each year.

Recollections. Supposed to be a spiritual retreat but ends up being a venue where pwede maglabas ang mga sama ng loob kung meron. Haha! But particularly in my sophomore recollection, held just outside Tagaytay in the mountains… this was about love! Ang daming nag-eexchange ng candles during one portion… tapos puro yihee maririnig mo… oh those days! (I used to be “straight” pa!)

The full set of photos from this “2nd year recollection” has a lot of funny photos kasi… parang, out of this world. Yung mga mag-jowa dati… girl-boy relationships ha… super holding hands sila. I mean, it’s sweet to look at… but so funny din kasi these days, some are married na… have kids… are about to have kids… mix and match… and dahil students kami ng liberal arts… more than half the boys in the class have since come out as bisexual or gay.

Hail to thee our alma mater… *wink