25 things on my 2022 bucket list

Here’s a list of things I want to do this year:

  1. Revisit Joo Chiat.
  2. Go to Jurong Bird Park.
  3. Ride the Cable Car from Mount Faber.
  4. Go to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve.
  5. Visit Coney Island.
  6. Revisit Pulau Ubin.
  7. Have a staycation at Sentosa.
  8. See Raffles Lighthouse on the other end of the island.
  9. Visit Sembawang Park.
  10. Have a picnic at Marina Barrage.
  11. Learn how to cook a Malay dish.
  12. Enjoy prata in Little India.
  13. Try at least three new restaurants in Chinatown.
  14. Perfect at least three Filipino recipes.
  15. Avoid processed foods.
  16. Take the JLPT N5 by the end of the year.
  17. Publish 20 podcast episodes.
  18. Volunteer for AfA Singapore.
  19. Write, direct, and act in at least one short film.
  20. De-clutter at least half of my things.
  21. Organise my file system and do archiving.
  22. Make no unnecessary purchases this year.
  23. Reduce food wastage.
  24. Go for a health check-up.
  25. Continue my weekly Saturday Uncut videos.

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5 things I want for Christmas

One week until Christmas! In past years, I’d be buying gifts and putting them underneath the Christmas tree. This year is different. I wanted to forego the effort of entering crowded shopping malls during a pandemic. I’ve kept the holiday season as simple as possible (perhaps the simplest in years).

How? I didn’t buy much for anyone or even for myself. Apart from the traditional exchange gift here at home (four items) and the gifts I helped pay for with my brother… this year is quiet. It’s not that I lost the Christmas cheer. I’m grateful and I enjoy watching videos of Christmas shopping at Harrods. But really… I can’t afford any of that today.

I can talk about a wish list though. Here are the top 5 things I want for Christmas:

  • Macbook Pro 16″ – the latest one and with better specs – to replace my current 2013 edition laptop
  • Apple Watch strap – neutral color – an alternative to my rainbow strap
  • Wireless charger for the iPhone 12 – it’s fun, that way
  • $$$ for new clothes – we’ll be back in the office more in 2022
  • A staycation – preferably the Ritz Carlton or somewhere lush – and to switch off, a digital detox

What do you want for Christmas?

Do I need a drinks package on a cruise? (Saturday Uncut EP20)

Week no. 20! Do I need a drinks package on a cruise? This is a question I asked after we booked our trip on Quantum of the Seas last October. I was also recently asked the question by a friend who was about to embark on the cruise too.

The fastest answer: No, you don’t need a drinks package.

But here’s my unedited video on why I think you don’t need a drinks package:

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Did going to college help me in my career?

I was invited to give feedback on a revised curriculum from my alma mater. My program was shelved in 2020 due to the low turnout of enrollees. However, the good news is that the faculty is revising the curriculum to make it more attractive to prospective students.

In 2002 I studied at DLSU-D in Cavite. I was part of the 2nd cohort of broadcast journalism students. We were a brand new course offering at our university. Our sister program, AB Communication, was the only media-related course at DLSU-D before that. I remember upperclassmen asking why we were taking journalism when we could “learn more things” in communication.

I was always attracted to studying media. Journalism made sense since I’ve always pictured myself as a storyteller. I’ll say that the four years of college were probably the best and most transformative in my life. I learned how to speak fluently in Tagalog. I experienced so many firsts. I fell in love with another guy (triggering me to discover and fully accept that I was gay). I got elected into a student body. I was an editor for a publication. Aaah. So many things.

The question is – did it ever contribute to my career?

You can learn all the techniques in journalism from school. But I’m a firm believer that it has to be practiced consistently. Most of the applicable soft and hard skills needed in journalism were learned from the orgs I joined. The course provided the fundamental building blocks. Everything else needed to come from the individual.

I share more in this week’s Saturday Uncut video. 🙂

New weekly videos on my YouTube channel

Earlier this month, I started a YouTube weekly video blog where I record 5-minute videos talking about what I’m watching, what I’m listening to, and some tidbits of each passing week. I also warm up by answering questions from a “365 & Me” app. What’s new about this (for me) is that the videos are unedited. There’s no music bed. There’s no b-roll. It’s raw and unfiltered.

My goal is to improve my ad-libbing and my confidence to communicate ideas. I want to improve in pace and clarity. I also want to build up on substance. I want to be better at doing interviews for both my podcast and my work with journalists and media professionals.

I’m calling it “Saturday Uncut” since… well… the goal is to publish a recording every Saturday. My KPI (wow, KPI) is 50 of these “episodes”. I want to run this series until mid-2022.

Here’s the fourth episode I recorded earlier using Zoom:

If you’re able to watch, do let me know your thoughts where I can improve. ❤