Drag performer Mona Kee Kee at Hans Im Glück

Great to see Mona Kee Kee again. She performed at Hans Im Glück Republic Plaza (Raffles Place) earlier as part of HIG’s dive into events that have a gay-friendly theme. The event is called Fairytale Forest since… well… you have to see Hans Im Gluck. 🙂


I’m actually 5’5″ okay. She makes me look like I’m 5’1″.

I think it was in 2015 when I first saw Mona Kee Kee perform as part of RIOT! the drag revue with Becca D’Bus.

Mona Kee Kee in 2015

Flashback to 2015 with Mona Kee Kee.


Hans Im Gluck has four branches in Singapore (Orchard, Raffles Place, Boat Quay, and Vivocity). My fave branch is Boat Quay because of the waterfront ambiance. But the Raffles Place branch inside Republic Plaza is quick access to the MRT.

Today I tried their speciality burger which is found on the bookmark-looking menu card they have. I learned that it’s a recipe unique to Hans Im Gluck Singapore.

The German burgergrill has hosted some events together with events team Man About Town.

This post IS NOT sponsored. I just enjoy the burgers. 🙂

Photos and Videos: FDS at the 32nd Singapore River Regatta (8-Nov-2014)

FDS won silver and bronze in the International Business Community Mixed and Open categories. You can see videos I took at the end of this post. We headed down to Boat Quay to watch them compete against other expat teams. I’ve never seen so many dragon boat teams in one spot. Congratulations FDS!

The rest in photos (and videos at the end).

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Supermodelme Sirens press event at Kinki

Our channel and its partners launched Supermodelme Sirens at a press event yesterday. It was at Kinki, a Japanese resto-bar in upscale Collyer Quay (almost pronounced like KALERKY). Good times! Two Filipino models are in the bunch (one from Manila, the other from Australia). 2013 Miss Universe Singapore, Shi Lim, is also one of the models. I wanted to have a photo with her being a pageant fan but I’m too shy! Our marketing team and other colleagues were so busy to put this event up. Congrats guys. Cocktails pls!


Photos and Videos: FDS at the 2014 Singapore National Games (1-Nov-2014)

The Filipino Dragons (Singapore) (FDS) participated as guests today at the 2014 Singapore National Games. It was great to watch them in action! I took some photos of FDS (and other teams). You can see some videos I took at the end of the photo collection.


Look at that form.


Well… good morning JC.


After three dragon boat sessions, I’m in love with that sensation on the boat.


Golden Mile Complex in the background.


The Kallang Basin is gorgeous.


I was keen on watching the event today because I wanted to observe proper form while paddling.


Cyrus and other FDS members making their way.


Jaz (man seated on the boat at the front) is the current captain for the male team.


This is the first time I saw them use a different dragon boat (DBS). FDS has it’s own boats.


I was awestruck by their energy. Makes me want to train real hard.


FDS Ann making her way.


These guys aren’t from FDS but I was admiring their form. LOL


This group (I’ve tried researching their logo on the cap) were a fun and happy bunch. I loved their energy!


Suzie arriving to join us in watching FDS.


Some members of the FDS female team making their way (with the PHP logo obviously). The lady in the pink cap is the current captain of the female FDS team.


Members of the female FDS team start paddling out.


Notice the PHP themed paddles?


I am still studying how to get the proper A-form. Jen, the team captain (in the pink hat), has been our trainer.


Here’s Archie, who I met at Tanjong Beach during one of FDS’ parties. He was the steerer this morning.


Here’s Paul from the FDS male team.


The FDS female team returning after their race.


The 2014 Singapore National Games are being held at the Singapore Sports Hub until 9 November.

Here are two videos taken from this morning:

Male Team 1 – 200 meters (I don’t know the jargon yet! I promise to update this.)

Female Team (partly obscured – they are in Lane 5 or Boat 5)

Business as usual on Halloween ’14

The office Ministry of Fun organized a “Halloween” treat earlier. It was an excuse to drink some wine and act silly in costumes. I like the team effort exerted by the other departments. One group came as an entourage of scarecrows. I bought a mask at FairPrice to take part in the festivities. I wanted to go as Spider-Man but maybe when I’ve gotten rid of my beer belly.




BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore: Ana Ivanovic vs Simona Halep, up close!

Omg thanks to a colleague from marketing, I got a pair of tickets to watch the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore last night. It was actually a round robin match between World No. 4 (Simona Halep) vs World No. 7 (Ana Ivanovic) at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Lots of people in the stadium were cheering for Ana. We didn’t get to see the World No. 1 Serene Williams but it’s okay. Seeing anyone from the world’s top pool of tennis players is awesome.

Ana Ivanovic won the match. People were standing up to congratulate her. 🙂


Upcoming runs!

There was a lull mid-year but I’m about to train for three upcoming races. I signed up for the corporate package for the Singapore Airlines Charity Run (5km) on November 2 and the SGX Bull Charge (5km) on November 14. I’m also running my first 21km on December 7 at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. Hopefully I can keep up and beat my personal best.


The iPhone 6 is here! (Or, not.)

This is my second time to experience living in a country where the latest iPhone is released at the same time as the States. The first time was in 2012 when the iPhone 5 was released. I bought mine in Yishun along with a corporate subsidy thanks to my previous employer.

With my 2-year StarHub contract expiring next month, having a new phone is rather enticing. Perfect timing because Apple released its larger iPhone 6 series last week. Singapore is one of the first to get the new iPhone in the region.

There were queues especially on the night before the launch. I’m planning to upgrade my phone in October. So i hope they still have stocks.

Major telecoms in Singapore keep these availability charts posted outside their stores. Saves the staff the trouble of turning people down.



Are you getting the iPhone soon?

Jurong Lake Run 2014

Almost forgot to post this! My friends and I took part in Jurong Lake Run 2014. It was the first Jurong Lake Run to take place in the evening. The race was my first back in 2012. I missed out in 2013. I registered this year because (a) it takes place in the evening, (b) Jurong Lake is beautiful, and (c) I needed something to keep my mind distracted after dropping my boyfriend at the airport that same day.


Race kit includes a singlet, race bib with timing device, brochures, flyers, a sample of “Spatone”, and three sample packets of Kiehl’s.

The race had a 2.5km, 6km, and a 10km route. I picked the 10km route since it’s been standard. This was also my third race within two months (after Green Corridor Run 2014 and Sundown Marathon 2014).


The race was fine. At first I thought it would be enjoyable to run at sunset. Yes, I did get beautiful views of Jurong Lake. But while running I realised that people’s sweat is a tad bit smellier in the late afternoon compared to, let’s say… a morning run. The Sundown Marathon happens around 11PM where temperatures are cooler. They should have given out body spray at the 2km mark haha. So maarte I know.

A group called “Running Shots” apparently took photos of the runners. I look fucking horrible! Why can’t I look like Exhibit A.


Photos courtesy Running Shots on Facebook… they are made of AWESOME.

It’s been more than a week already and there are no race results yet. I think I clocked in around 1:30-ish if I’m not mistaken. I’m still trying to get 10km in under 1:10:00. (Sigh)

I have no upcoming races. But I’m gearing up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore in December where I can hopefully try my first Half Marathon (21.xxxx kilometers).