Where S$60.00 makes you a millionaire

My last trip abroad was Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam a few weeks back. I have not shared a single photo from that trip. I guess I’m doing a bit of soul-searching since my boyfriend left Singapore. The past few weeks have been a blur. I’m paying twice the rent these days which is preventing me from traveling to two or three Southeast Asian destinations I had originally planned for in 2014. I hope I can squeeze in at least one place in Malaysia soon. ❤DSC_0817

I did enjoy Ho Chi Minh City. It was teeming with motorcycles and a challenge for a guy who can’t even cross a normal street in Singapore without being overly cautious about incoming traffic. It was my first visit to Vietnam.

No leaves were filed since our company had a “summer hours” scheme where Fridays were half days. I flew to HCMC on a Friday afternoon and returned Sunday night. Not bad right? 🙂