Continuing my yoga journey in 2021

I suppose one of the takeaways from 2020 is that I started to practice yoga (like many other people who have been stuck at home during this pandemic). I started with weekly sessions led by my former dragon boat team captain. When she got busy with work, I signed up for weekly sessions by Ferdz (who runs Ironwulf En Route). He teaches and leads yoga classes in the Philippines. But luckily he’s streaming to people online as well.

When I can’t dial in to classes, I discovered “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube. And Adriene has launched a “Breath – 30 Day Yoga Journey” this January. It’s perfect. Keeps me active! Learn more here.

I agree when she says that the hardest part in the 30-day journey is to get yourself onto the mat. So here’s to the next 30 days. ❤