Hey there! My name is George and I’m the author behind @bekpackr. It’s a blog featuring all the things I love about the city I call home, Singapore! In it are food, places to see, things to do, events and happenings in the Lion City from the POV of a Filipino American expat.

Moving to Singapore in 2012

Back in 2012, I left my regular job in Manila to pursue a dream of living and working in Singapore. I was on a 90-day tourist visa when I bought my first Singapore SIM card and started sending my CV to potential employers. I was living in a hostel in Lavender and I was on a diet of mixed veg rice. You know, the cheapest food you can find! Those were the days.

With luck and determination, I succeeded in finding a job within 60 days in Singapore. The rest is history. I started working for a local TV channel. I also started getting myself immersed in Singapore. From jogging at parks to finding where the best hawker food is at from Chinatown to Yishun.

Coming out to my family in 2013

I started this iteration of my blog in mid-2013 after I came out to my parents while on holiday in Cambodia. The reason my online nickname is ‘bekpackr’ is because of my first blog entry “I’m back, beckies!”. Though I started blogging as early as 2003 (previous blog names were Thirdcharm, Brodcst Msktir, digiputz), @bekpackr is what I have today.

What’s in this blog it for you

I didn’t move to Singapore for the sake of it. I moved here because I truly want to see and experience the city and learn from it. Sometimes the best way to see and experience a place is from the eyes of someone who isn’t originally from that place. If that makes sense!

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