Day 7

Day 7

I stepped outside for the first time since testing positive.

How do I feel? There’s some exhaustion but I don’t know if it’s because I’m sick of looking at the four walls of my apartment. I wanted to walk at the park but it was already dark by the time I got outside. I feel like I could still use more rest and more sleep. But generally, there’s no more cough. There’s a bit of a sniffle but nothing serious. I’ve also stopped or completed my medication.

What’s on my mind? I’m thinking about how to nurture my mental health even further. I was on Day 25 of a 30-day yoga challenge which had to stop when I got that injury to my lower rib area last week. Yoga was helping me carve out a calm space. Speaking of a calm space, my Calm app auto-subscribed to another full year and I should be returning to the daily meditation.

This will be my last entry documenting my experience with Covid. Here are the past few entries:

I’ve moved onto Star Trek: Picard season 2 on things to watch. I wasn’t quite impressed with the first season since it was an adjustment. Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) was an episodic series and featured a full cast which was led by Jean-Luc Picard. The appeal of that show was Picard and crew. But in Picard, obviously, the series focuses on him and his character as he’s in old age and coming to terms with the decisions he made in his past.

It’s just not as exhilarating. It’s not fair to put that expectation on a series about the famous captain. But also, you want the kind of episodic that’s exciting. Good thing this is achieved with the phenomenal Strange New Worlds series (launched in 2022), led by Captain Pike and a crew including a very fucking handsome Dr. Spock (like seriously, the show gets +1 star because of that casting).

Also, Lower Decks, which takes place very close to the TNG, Deep Space 9, and Voyager timeline… is refreshing, funny, and well-written.

I’m only watching Picard season 2 because I heard that [spoilers] the old TNG crew will be appearing in the third and final season in 2023. I’m playing catch-up.




Anyway, the Drag Race Philippines finale aired this evening and the winner is Precious Paula Nicole. Much-deserved, a well-rounded talented queen with mass appeal… kudos to the entire cast of Drag Race Philippines. From those who landed in the top 4, my choice was Marina Summers. She finished as runner-up during a very epic lip sync battle to Gloc9’s “SIRENA” which is a powerful song for the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community.

Precious Paula Nicole… crowned first-ever winner of Drag Race Philippines.


Ending Day 7 with a short video about testing positive. I’m on the recovery. Thanks for your well-wishes!

Day 6

Day 6

Let’s switch it up a bit. Here are the the top four queens on Drag Race Philippines:

Here’s what I think of each of the remaining queens:

Eva Le Queen. I have a bias for Eva because I’ve been following her way before she joined Drag Race Philippines. She used to be based in Singapore and I remember she posted a photo of her graduation from a local school where she wore heels! With exception to the “And this is trash” episode (that was very harsh), Eva has consistently given us incredible looks.

Precious Paula Nicole. Her Regine Velasquez impersonation in Snatch Game and the story behind her relationship with her brother in the twinning look episode are memorable. She reminds me of someone who I feel I could easily become friends with. A dependable, fun, and quintessential Filipino drag queen.

Marina Summers. I thought she would be the type of queen who would be limited to epic high-octane performances. But doing PGMA for Snatch Game (and coming out on top) plus numerous other moments have proven she’s polished all-around. Her branding is consistent. She oozes the kind of confidence many younger drag queens could aspire to.

Xilhouete. She’s a surprise! I thought she would fade away and be “one note” but she delivered exactly the opposite. She consistently tells a story. From paying homage to Filipino drag queens of yesteryear to her version of Pilita Corrales. She does bring drama… but that’s fuel behind these types of shows. She’s the mother of the bunch and she can take home the crown.

Who should win?

My pick would be Marina Summers.

Who will win?

I think Xilhouete has this.

My final comment about Drag Race Philippines: I’m happy to cut the producers some slack (after all the vitriol you can find online). I think it was overall a great first go to watch. It is not perfect with it’s numerous music issues and some sloppy camerawork. But as a person whose done production work in the past, this is actually not so bad. What lifted it was the great season 1 cast. There can certainly be improvements. But I think given the buzz generated from the first season, it’s worth a 2nd and 3rd edition. There’s still so much Filipino drag excellence that can be showcased.


How do I feel? It’s Day 6 and I still tested positive even if I feel much better and don’t have any symptoms. I returned to work (working from home) and managed to get through some emails. I’ve completed one of my medicines already so today was a respite.

What’s on my mind? At noon tomorrow, I’ll be able to exit self-isolation and return to normal activities in Singapore regardless if I still test positive or not. I’m planning to take a walk at a nearby park and start it easy. I’m worried I don’t know the extent of recovery… will I be breathless after a short walk? I don’t know. Hopefully not! I’ll share photos and maybe a video of my walk tomorrow. Stay safe.

Day 5

Day 5

A couple of days later I’m learning who among my friends are fans of Formula 1 racing. I’ve also dug a little deeper to see which driver was with which team previously. Thanks to binge-watching all ten episodes of the first season of Drive to Survive. It’s a rabbit hole. There’s so much drama at the pit lane… on the race track, at the paddock!

I’m enjoying learning more about the drivers, the constructors, the teams… all of what goes behind Formula 1 racing. I’m now embarrassed to think that all I was intently focused on before was who the main stage performer was. The last time I went to the Singapore Grand Prix was when Kylie Minogue was performing at Padang. While it was great to see her perform, I didn’t quite understand what was going on at the race tracks. I now know more about these practice sessions, qualifying rounds, and actual race day. I’m intrigued by the professionalism… how they keep their game faces on… how the drivers are media trained. Where the rivalry is, was, could be. Plus, I’m also not zoomed in on Singapore. I’m learning about the grand prix in Monaco, Bahrain, Belgium, and other parts of the world. What is happening.

How do I feel? Today was Day 5 and it felt more like a cold. There’s barely a cough. I feel like I’m on the better or improved side of fighting Covid. I feel… thankful to the people who created a vaccine.

What’s on my mind? If I could have my company reimburse me for some of my medical expenses.

Ending Day 5 with Leclerc.

Day 4

Day 4

I did the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) at the 72-hour mark after first testing positive last Thursday morning. And the result today? Still positive! I’m not surprised. However, I feel like I’m on the side of recovery. I don’t have a cough. I don’t have a fever (unless it’s managed very well by the 500mg of paracetamol I take every four hours). I only have a sore throat when I wake up in the morning… which is probably due to being thirsty since the body is fighting this virus while I’m sleeping. Today, I feel like it’s more of a cold. I have a slightly runny nose but very manageable. I’ve experienced worse.

On Day 4, I think I can safely put together a small timeline of what’s happened in the past week:

Day of the weekWhat I was feelingART Test
Sunday, Oct 2Last time I was outside in the general public / Sentosa and VivoCity / Singapore Grand Prix finale (watched at home) / Risk assessment: Low to medium (mall was crowded, but I was masked indoors)
Monday, Oct 3“Injury” at the gym in my building (heard a snap on my lower left abdomen) / Risk assessment: Low to medium (gym was clean! and not crowded at the time I visited)
Tuesday, Oct 4Soreness on my left abdomen, really bad fever at night but tested negativeNegative
Wednesday, Oct 5Went to my GP (clinic) and Singapore General Hospital for a day of waiting, x-rays, blood test, all concluding that there is no serious injury from the gymNegative
Thursday, Oct 6Woke up at 5:00 AM with really bad cough, took an ART… tested POSITIVE, started 72 hour isolationPositive
Friday, Oct 7Covid-Positive / Day 2 blog herePositive
Saturday, Oct 8Covid-Positive / Day 3 blog herePositive
Sunday, Oct 9Covid-Positive, feel like there’s improvementPositive

The original problem this past week is this pain on my left lower abdomen which is why I had to take medical leave on Wednesday to see the GP and go to SGH for an x-ray. I doubt that’s where I got infected because I tested positive too quickly, the next day. I must’ve gotten infected last weekend during Formula 1 when the town was busy with everyone out on the streets.

Actually it doesn’t matter. I’m wasting space just typing blah about it. You really can get it anywhere, maybe even from the least suspecting place or from the strangest location (a handlebar on an escalator lol). The vaccine and the booster is working, as what I’m experiencing appears to be very mild… like in that pie chart on the MOH website. I’m part of the 99.8% thank goodness.

Is this virus a joke though? Certainly not. It’s killed people I know. It’s killed the family members of people I love. It’s certainly not a joke. I’m thinking about wearing masks again indoors. It’s not about me, or my comfort levels. I’m thinking about the people around me that might be susceptible for a far more serious infection.

To keep myself entertained on the fourth day of self-isolation, I’ve finally found my stride on Banana Fish. I used to fall asleep since reading captions while high on medicine wasn’t a good combo. It’s… an interesting series. They dive so casually into themes of sexual assault, abuse… nevermind I also identify as a victim of sexual assault, but I’m taking it lightly. It’s an anime (or a manga, in its original format). It also reminds me to resume studying Japanese. It’s been a few months since my last course.

What’s on my mind? How am I going to bravely go out into the world again when, even with how cautious I’ve always been – from dining out to mask-wearing – I still turned out positive. Will it stop me from going to the gym? Will it stop me from attending events which I was just starting to do again? I don’t know.


Day 3

Day 3

I love this video of Singapore by the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team. It’s produced in the style that I love the most… which is purely sights and sounds. It’s beautiful and it reminds me, again, why I love Singapore. Here’s the video:

Of course, how I got to this video is because of my new hobby which is Formula 1 racing. NEW HOBBY! Lol. I’ve been engrossed in it since I’ve been on self-isolation. If there’s one thing I want to take away from being Covid positive, it’s the memory that it happened around Formula 1 weekend in Singapore.

How do I feel? On Day 3, I felt the sore throat was much more pronounced (cringe, I don’t know how to properly describe it). I felt generally exhausted and sleepy. I’m on what I believe to be simple medicine? Paracetamol to manage any fever, this medicine to manage phlegm, and some Strepcils.

Apart from Formula 1 videos and learning more about the Suzuka race track (it’s the Japan Grand Prix weekend), I’ve completed the first season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It’s kind of sad. I don’t know, maybe because I’m watching the 1950s in a dark isolated room while I’m sick? Or it’s because her husband failed to see and appreciate the incredible star she is. I think it’s already running on four seasons (!), but as I turn the page to season 2… I hope she doesn’t get back with that asshole of a husband. Fly high, no, SOAR… Mrs. Maisel.

And because I’d rather splurge a little more on ordering delicious food while I’m sick… I decided not to purchase any of the Formula 1 racing games and instead play me some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

What’s on my mind? Returning to video blogs and reducing my social media footprint to just… videos (and this blog). I’m exhausted on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram. I’m thinking of making myself more private. Perhaps… privacy is the new luxury.

Do watch the Aston Martin video of Singapore. 👆🏼

Day 2

Day 2

Less TV shows today, and more videos about Formula 1 racing.

Since the Singapore Grand Prix, I’ve been consuming videos about Formula 1. I’m learning about the racers, the teams, the history, and some of the jargon. I also watched the Schumacher documentary on Netflix which features the life of Michael Schumacher, seven-time world champion, who was involved in a skiing accident in 2013. His son Mick Schumacher raced in Singapore last week.

I tried to watch Banana Fish but failed to get through it since I wasn’t in the mood to read subtitles today. The other show I started on is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, through Prime Video. I was drinking water, eating fruits, and taking medicine. Weather seems gloomy outside… whenever I could get a glimpse.

How did I feel? I woke up in self-isolation on Day 2 much “heavier” than the previous day. I really felt a sore throat coming in. I also felt generally exhausted. Sleep quality wasn’t good. However, as the day progressed and as I did my best to stay hydrated… I noticed I felt somewhat better than even the first day. I can say that it’s “mild” so far. I barely had any cough today. I’m on paracetamol to manage any fever, and I’m on this other medicine to reduce phlegm. It must be working.

On my mind? If I should be wearing masks again even with the city’s mask mandates removed. I don’t know how I got Covid. I’ve been very careful. I avoid crowded places. I dine outdoors whenever possible. I barely meet up face to face with people. And I still got it. I’m thinking it’s all connected to said Formula 1 weekend in Singapore when everyone was out and about.

I feel like I want to double down on the masks part. And the thought of attending these mass events like concerts and parties? I’m less interested in those. I’d prefer to do other things.

The other thing on my mind? With all these Formula 1 videos, I still don’t know which racer or team to ‘swear allegiance to’ (as if I even have to… but I’m liking this feeling of subscribing to a particular racer/team so I could follow their progress throughout the race calendar). However, I’m afraid if I pick one, I’ll find out reasons why I shouldn’t support them. Is it like that? Any pointers? Help me.

Day 1

Day 1

I stayed in my room the whole day. For fun, I wanted to track how many episodes of different TV shows I managed to watch in total today. And the count? 16! 16 episodes from Abbott Elementary, The Walking Dead, Andor, and She-Hulk. All on Disney+ by the way. With exception to the Drag Race Philippines’ penultimate episode. Sixteen episodes of television all packed into my day. It’s 11:20pm, maybe I could squeeze in one more episode! I ended with She-Hulk. SPOILER: Why does the Filipino guy with the infectious smile have to be a freakin’ villain.

Today was Day 1 of being positive for Covid-19. PJ worked from home, from our living room. We are wearing masks by default at home… since we also share the apartment with two other people. Again, I’ve stayed in my room all day… only leaving to use the bathroom which is outside our bedroom door.

What’s the situation like? It’s pretty calm. It’s nothing like the Covid positive situation back at our old flat in Pasir Ris last February… where we gave the whole house common area a scrub, sprayed and disinfected everything, switched on electric fans to blow air out, and have air purifiers on full blast. Nope, nothing like that. It’s probably because here at our new house we “live in a skyscraper” and when the doors and windows are open, there’s a wind funnel. So fierce, some of the doors have a metal supporting strip in case they slam shut.

All I did was give my work station a spray and I think the house can manage. Yes, PJ and I are wearing masks. But he said to me earlier that… if it happens, it happens. He’s at peace with it. Darn, he is a gentle soul. Why he gotta be perfect like that.

How do I feel? Strange actually. I keep saying the word “mild”. I don’t have an active cough. I’ve only had to go to the bathroom two or three times the whole day to cough loudly and let out some phlegm. The dry cough sounds horrible… but it’s only there for a few seconds and the phlegm well… just a little bit. I’ve heard stories that it gets worse as the days progress. I am preparing for the storm.

I don’t have a fever but I’ve been on paracetamol all day. I feel my food stocks are sufficient. I have a medicine corner tucked into one of the Kallax shelves. I have bottles of room-temp Ice Mountain mineral water next to my TV. PJ bought my favourite fruits cup from downstairs ($3.00 for a cup containing an assortment of sliced fruits). Our housemate made egg drop soup and shared a bowl — leaving it on the chair I put outside my door. I’ve chips, bread, and chocolates on the ready.


On my mind? As employees entitled to using medical leaves when necessary, I’ve decided to fully utilise all five days of the MC (“Medical Certificate” in Singapore) that the doctor gave me during this morning’s teleconsult. Yeah, the old millennial in me would normally be like… gosh, I feel bad if I don’t report to work on Day 3 or Day 4 if I (might already) feel well. Uh, no. I think as employees of any companies… employees should use their sick leaves if they are sick or need to recover from something. LOL I’m not abusing it (I count only 1 MC the past six months). So… why should I feel bad? I should just be focused on my recovery so I could bounce back faster and better. No issues with my current employer. I think it’s an internal belief thing. Use the MCs… it’s an employee benefit.

Bonus: The actor shirtless, here.

Efficiency in Singapore

Efficiency in Singapore

I tested positive for COVID-19 this morning (October 6, 2022).

I did a tele consult and was given a digital medical certificate plus a checklist of meds to purchase online (using the app). The meds were delivered within two hours right to my doorstep. No need to queue anywhere and also minimising exposure to people.

So far the symptoms are mild cough. I’m not sure if the fever I was experiencing on Tuesday night was a precursor to testing positive on Thursday morning. I was at the Singapore General Hospital’s A&E department yesterday to have x-rays taken after I experienced pain in my rib cage. That pain started on Tuesday after I used the seated leg press at the gym. What a week.

The doctor in the tele consult prescribed a standard 5-days of “MC” (medical certificate) which lasts until next Tuesday. Though I’m working from home most of the time, I’ve decided to use it in its entirety.

How I feel? Well, I knew it was going to happen eventually. I’m going to spend the next few days resting and catching up on Netflix, Disney+, HBO Go, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime lol – but seriously, rest.