Into the Blue at the Singapore Airshow 2014

Into the Blue at the Singapore Airshow 2014

Because for me it’s mandatory to include Kylie’s latest single somewhere in the post title.

Okay so it’s the Singapore Airshow 2014! I won tickets! Such a cheapskate it’s only SGD 22.00 per adult. Lol. My wallet has been paper thin recently so winning tickets to the airshow was a delight! Thank you U.S. Embassy – Singapore.

The last time I visited an airshow was when I was a kid on Okinawa. I remember the U.S. air force planes on the tarmac. I remember it was like a carnival with lots of that “All American” vibe like hotdogs and burgers… and since it was in Japan… there were five or six sticks of steaming yakitori dipped in sauce inside these little Coca-cola paper cups.


The Airshow happens every two years and this year they sold/gave out about 80,000 tickets. The the airshow spans about a week but the public display happens only during the weekend. Ticketholders are to proceed to Singapore EXPO (Expo MRT) where shuttles will take everyone to the venue near Changi Airport.

I noted that the airshow shuttles were quite efficient. Everything felt so systematic and well-organized. However, I read some people were not aware that tickets could not be purchased at the gate. Tickets needed to be purchased in advance because they probably have crowd control issues.

By the time we reached the venue, the airshow was already halfway through. Oh well! So I barely got any photos of the planes doing different manoeuvres.

Ah hello… nag-ddate din tayo di ba… =p



When the planes were up in the air I lost track of my boyfriend. Lol. Nawala na lang bigla. Yun pala nag-i-Instagram siya sa isang sulok. Okay… was hoping we could steal a kiss as the planes zoomed high above us. He owes me a kiss!

ROKOF Black Eagles spreading the Korean colours high above Singapore.

And within five minutes it had ended. The ROKOF (Republic of Korea Air Force) Black Eagles and USAF (United States Air Force) C-17 had performed for thirty minutes and we missed most of it. Ugh! But it’s okay… I came here to see the planes on display. Let’s see what else happened.

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