Throwback Thursday: Baguio with my classmates in 2004

Throwback Thursday: Baguio with my classmates in 2004

To qualify for #ThrowbackThursday, photos or videos must be taken 10 or more years ago.

Before Baguio became a place my boyfriend and I frequented to escape work… it was a big destination for me. We didn’t travel much in college, so trips like these outside Cavite were fun-filled to say the least. It was a time that Baguio felt so large, much colder… the fog more mysterious… these days kasi, Baguio is like Manila (or so I hear).

We stayed at a resthouse at the outskirts of the city. This added to the adventure because the resthouse was a bit dated (which may add to its charm, if you’d look at it that way). We huddled together in the middle of the night when my classmate started to sense something unusual. The following morning Upper would cook hot dogs, we’d make rice… take turns in the frigid shower…

These days kung saan-saan na kami nakakarating… Upper just got back from her European trip. My friend Eric (the only other guy in the photos below) is visiting Singapore soon. Katz, one of the girls in the photos, migrated to Australia if I’m not mistaken. Apple, the other girl, has been working in Italy for several years. (Class Prophecy lang?)…

But in 2004 it was just a simple trip to Baguio which filled our little hearts with glee.

CD player! Moonflower scent from Body Shop!
The electric stove that was grounded.
View of Baguio. Victory Liner bus stop.