Tour Melaka with me!

Finally, a new episode! This one took me longer than expected to finish after I had to reformat my laptop and upgrade some specs. I’m happy I’ve finished it. Last June, I went on a “solo backpacking” trip to the heritage city of Melaka.


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Johor Bahru: A foot massage at Thai Odyssey (Review)

While browsing around Johor Bahru City Square, I ran into a beautifully decorated Thai massage place called Thai Odyssey. Touted as the “Best Family Spa” with “Presented by Ministry for Tourism Malaysia”. Wow, sounds quite fancy. Continue reading “Johor Bahru: A foot massage at Thai Odyssey (Review)”

Johor Bahru: Visiting Johor Bahru City Square

It was my first visit to JB and since I arrived late afternoon I didn’t feel like going out to explore the streets and other districts of the southern Malaysian city. My objective was clear from the beginning. I crossed the border to eat at KFC!

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November 2011

I wish it were November 2011 again.

Hotel rooms full of delegates for a journalism conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Worried about nothing else other than class the following day. Or finding dinner in a city sliced by highways.

Bak kut teh to A&W.

AirAsia luggage tag tossed into the rubbish bin.

Uno cards.

The x-mini I bought playing Beyoncé’s Countdown while I’m washing away stupid sorrows in the bath tub.

The gym upstairs with a balcony overlooking those endless highways in KL.

Malay food, spicy. Teh tarik.

Riding in a Malaysian classmate’s car.

Riding in an angry Malaysian classmate’s car. (Traffic road rage?)

Bukit Bintang.

KLCC with visiting friends from Singapore.

Cultural nights.

Hotel lobby wi-fi and skype with friends and family back in Manila.

The set A or set B buffet breakfasts. By the third week I couldn’t stand it. But on the last day as we all parted ways, that restaurant on the ground floor became ground zero for all things bittersweet.

Malaysia, KL, images and scents that I miss.