Throwback Thursday: With mom :)

I’m flying to Manila later so I can celebrate my parents’ joint birthday bash in Cavite. I thought of digging up an old photo with my mom taken about ten or eleven years ago.

Photo taken at Chefoo restaurant in Cavite City

I actually got a little teary-eyed looking at it. Ambilis ng panahon! Before I was so thin and my mom obviously had less wrinkles. I know friends joke that she doesn’t look like her age… my mom looks so young they say. I hope I age with the same grace and beauty hehe!

Here’s a photo taken with my parents just a few weeks ago when they visited me in Singapore.

Photo taken at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

I’m excited to hop on board PAL again… kasama ang mga chatty FAs… grabe last time, they were a bubbly bunch. And when Neil rode PAL a few months ago, may nag-aapir pa daw sa galley haha.

Throwback Thursday: Dorm Days in 2004

Because I was a spoiled brat back in college I got to dorm on campus. We had a 9:00 pm curfew. Boys were separated from girls (don’t get any ideas, I was still questioning then).  It was like after school hours there were orgs… and after orgs there was dinner outside DLSU-D at Fiat, Inasal or Briyanna Cafe… then everyone was back at their dorms before 9:00 pm.

This isn’t some Imbestigador segment where you’d imagine gay orgies happening on a Catholic campus. No! My male dorm mates were about 90-95% straight (including yours truly, as in 2004 the concept of falling in love with another boy was more blur than Jacqueline Bisset’s speech at the recent Golden Globe awards). My dorm mates were quite respectable people that St. La Salle would be proud of. The nuns that run the dormitory even said that they were impressed that most of the boys dorm rooms were cleaner than the girls’ dorms across the fence.

Nights were spent sharing FHM magazines (omg talaga, may collection ako at napunta ito sa isa kong lesbian friend…)… panahon pa ito nila Maui Taylor and Patricia Javier hahaha!

There was gossip (yes, boys do gossip quite a lot!). Some snuck Red Horse into the dorms during birthdays and it was a thrill to hide ’em from manong guard. I had a dorm mate who was infatuated with one of my high school batchmates and even fantasied about her having the pinkest nipples… omg, I’M NOT INTERESTED IN THAT FANTASY AT ALL. Mahilig kasi ako maglagay ng photos sa table ko.

My roomies that year were two Computer Science students. One of my roomies played games on his HP laptop all night. The other ComSci roomie read comics. Very innocent lang!

May mga isyu sa dorm but really, it’s not like something you’d find in one of Aris’ erotic stories. The male dorm at DLSU-D during my days was pretty decent. The people were fun to be with. It was a college dormitory setup without drugs or crazy sex addicts… only good-hearted Pinoy humour, a few pa-tago na nag-yo-yosi moments, with some Ja Rule J. Lo MP3 playing somewhere.

With Kevin. He plays all the best MP3s on his computer. Best speaker set at the dorm!
With Lance, my friend since high school. We were roomies in freshmen year.
Notice the towels we hung up on the walls.
This is Tony who I never ran out of stories with since we were the only liberal arts male dormers.
Dude on the right is Joel, comic book guy. I forgot who the guy on the left is!

I have to give credit to those Bohemian years for fuelling the creativity I have used all these years since.

Photos don’t do justice. I’ll find better ones next time!